The Heavy Bag Workout | Super-Charged 'Live, Raw And Uncut'

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The Heavy Bag Workout | Super-Charged 'Live, Raw And Uncut'

Michael Andreula
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Kickboxing Training Video-Dvd
Pro trainer and MMA conditioning coach, Mike Andreula, will motivate and lead you to the lean, rock-hard body you've always wanted and deserve! The Michael Andreula Method's Extreme Home Training program will leave you ripped and ready for more- Get Set To CRUSH IT!

  • Lose Weight, Build Muscle, And Get Visibly Leaner In Just 90 Days!
  • No Weights, No Pull-Ups And No Gym Memberships Required.
  • Super-Charged 'Live, Raw And Uncut' Kickboxing-Cross Training Style Workout.
  • Everything You Need Comes In The Download!
  • Burn Up To 1200 Calories Per Workout.
All New- The "Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout":

4 Key Reasons This Workout Is The Greatest Fitness Tool You Could Ever Own:

1- You'll Melt Away Fat "MMA Style" As You Punch And Kick Your Way To A Shredded Core In This Challenging Improv Elite Level Workout. 

2- Get Ready To Bring The Power As You Sculpt Lean Muscle And Upper And Lower Body Definition With Extra Focus On Your Chest, Back, Legs,      Butt, Biceps, Abs, Core, Shoulders And Triceps.

3- Burn Fat And Improve Athletic Performance With This Sweat-Drenching Explosive Plyometric Full-Body Workout. 

4- Want Killer Abs? Do This Workout! Carve Your Upper, Middle, And Lower Abs, And Hit Those "Love Handles" At The Same Time!
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